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Fall After School Program begins September 18 to November 3

May 12, 2017

Our Fall after school program is Monday through Fridays 4:00 - 5:30 pm.  This 7 week program is very flexible because we allo you to decide the number of days per week you would like to attend.  If you miss a class you can make it up another day.   Click here for schedule and more information.  The after school program is open to both boys and girls ages 7 through 16 and teach all aspects of the game. Click Here to Sign Up Today!

Laudien Golf News

Hottest Golf Shoes of 2015

January 10, 2015

Golf shoes are extremely important and can influence your performance since shoes play a big role in helping you respond.  As one Phoenix pain management specialist explains, the manner in which you put pressure on your shoes will determine the energy you put on a good swing. This is why golf shoes are known for their flexibility as they respond to the wearer and the accuracy of the output is dependent on the way the player responds. Most famous shoe manufacturers like Nike, Adidas, and Power make golf shoes which are known for their flexibility and their ability to respond well to the way the ankle and feet move.

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Laudien Golf News

Don’t Whiff Your Summer on the Course: Follow These Safety Prevention Tips

July 01, 2014

A day on the golf course should be something that you brag about for weeks and months to come, not something that requires weeks or months of recovery. By understanding a few common golf-related injuries, you can take steps to reduce your risk and prevent unnecessary pain. Golf can benefit you physically, mentally, and socially. These benefits carry over into other aspects of your life. So enjoy this popular sport to your fullest by doing some preparation before you walk onto the course.

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Laudien Golf News

One Shot At A Time

July 07, 2013

The Westchester Open begins July 8 at Manhattan Woods.  My plan is to go out there and play one shot at a time.  I will focus on the shot while, more importantly, forgetting what happened before and what happens later.  This will keep me from thinking about too many things at one time and should help me play my best for that round.

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