The Westchester Open begins July 9 at Sunningdale Golf Club in Scarsdale, NY.  My plan is to go out there and play one shot at a time.  I will focus on the shot while, more importantly, forgetting what happened before and what happens later.  This will keep me from thinking about too many things at one time and should help me play my best for that round.

Most amateurs are usually focused posting a certain score, such as breaking 80 or 90, which will diminish their focus.  For example, a golfer may think “If I par the last 3 holes I will finally break 80”.  This type of mindset will almost always add unnecessary pressure if you hit a bad shot.  Instead, treat each shot as an opportunity to apply skills you’ve developed during lessons and practice sessions.  You will ultimately play better and have more fun.

Until next time, fairways and greens!